Features Overview

At Home Watch, LLC we understand that everyones living situations are different. Our a la carte items allow you to mix and match packages with add-ons to best meet your needs with ease! Check out our selection below and let us know which you are interested in when applying. 


Pantry Stocking

We took a unanimous vote and everyone on our team agreed, grocery shopping is the last thing anyone wants to do when coming back into town. Dont worry about it, we've got your back! Give us 48 hours advance and we will have your cabinets fully stocked and ready to go for you and your guests. 


Mail Retrieval & Package Signing

Ever sent a last minute package that needs to be approved in-person, but there's no way to get to it in time? We know you can't be everywhere at once so let us take one more weight off your shoulders, by choosing our mail retrieval & package signing option. You will never have lost, stolen or missed mail again. 


Indoor/Outdoor Plant Maintenance

Coming home to ceramic pots ridden with weeds and an ocean of wilted, dehydrated stems, is well...sad. Don't let your vivacious space die! Instead, request our plant maintenance option and we will make sure the only ocean you return to is the Atlantic. 


Bar Stocking

Prime for entertaining all your guests, the bar stocking option is essential in winding down! Whether it's alcohol, sodas or flat beverages of your choice, we guarantee you will feel wined and dined without the five star restaurant costs. 


Gift Baskets and Welcome Packages

Let's be honest....coming home to flowers, a custom gift basket or a welcome package of sorts makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. As such,  we are excited to offer a variety of fun and sincere options to you in working with our close friend and owner of Classic Baskets.


Landscaping & Patio Care

Ok, so it's not fair to lump potted plants into an option as if that is the only thing your yard consists of. That said, the landscaping and patio option is an all inclusive application to your yard, gardens and patio. We cut your grass, we weed your garden, coordinate your stones and more. Much, much more, people!