The everyday essentials! 

For the low maintenance part-time homeowner, the starter package covers all your bases so you can feel confident your property is in perfect condition year round! 


Includes 3 basic visits to your property per month, of which consist of:

  • A full spectrum inspection walkthrough done by a member of our team
  • Pest control assistance 
  • Pre & post weather preparations, checks and updates 
  • Security measures and updates 
  • Minor handyman services, if needed 
  • Contractor corrections, if needed
  • Cleaning Services
  • For the landlords: Tenant move-out inspection walkthroughs


Per Property Square Footage
$40/ 500-1750 sqft. 
$50/ 2000-3500 sqft.
$Free consultation/ 4000+ sqft.

A La Carte Items (Not Included) 
 Pantry Stocking                                         Gift Baskets                                               Mail Retrieval                                             Indoor/Outdoor Plant Maintenance         Bar Stocking



We rely on our customer feedback in order to maintain the highest quality service and standards. Be sure to get in touch and leave a comment on our Contact page so we can continue to grow and develop for you!  We will post your input on our site for all to appreciate!